Company’ means Phoenix Timber Buildings LTD – ‘Customer’ Means the person or organization engaging the Company’s services – ‘Building’ means the structure and all related goods and services supplied by the company –  ‘Groundwork’ means any work done for the base, removal of existing buildings ground cleaning etc – ‘Shell Building’ means the building before any structual alterations or accessories have been added – ‘Subcontractor’ means any outside party carrying out works on the building, either through recommendation of the company or by choice of the customer.

The headings in the conditions are for case of reference only and do not affect the interpretation of the conditions.

Confirmation of Orders

  2. Delivery dates cannot be confirmed until the final building design and groundworks have been agreed by the customer in writing.
  3. This must take place at least 4 weeks before the prospective delivery slot to enable the company to schedule manufacture of your building in our workshop.

Any changes that are made within these timescales

 may seriously affect the date for completion of your order.

  1. In the case of non-standard items i.e doors and windows other than white, confirmation willl need to be 4-6 weeks before delivery.
  2. Please note that the delivery will not take place until ALL components of the building are available.

Once we are on site, any additional works requested by the customer will have to be quoted for.  Once the price and time-scale is agreed and payment made the additional works will be added to our schedule accordingly. THE COMPANY WILL NOT UNDERTAKE ANY SUCH WORK THAT HAS NOT BEEN PAID FOR IN ADVANCE.

  1. At the companies discretion, any additional costs incurred by the Company due to either damage by a third party or change of mind by the customer, will be invoiced for.

Payment Terms

  2. A 25% DEPOSIT is payable to secure the next available delivery slot. This will take into consideration the delivery timescales for any non-standard items you may require.
  3. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE except for as detailed in
  4. You may require planning permission but want to secure the next available delivery slot. In these circumstanses we will take the 25% deposit on the understanding that if permission is rejected you will receive a full refund less an administration fee of £100. This will be payable by us within 60 days of written cancellation by the customer.
  5. The delivery slot will then be subject to provisions specified in 1a, 1b & 1c.
  6. The final 75% payment is payable when the cleared funds being received by the company 7 days prior to the confirmed delivery date.


  2. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the site is both accessible and suitable for delivery and construction of their building.
  3. The customer must advise at time of ordering of any access restrctions including, but not limited to parking, walls, fences, hedges, long distances from access roads and any height restrictions.
  4. If you have prepared the ground or have had the ground prepared on your behalf and wish us to check the suitability before the delivery date, this can be arranged for a fee of £25.
  5. Should the intended construction site be deemed unsuitable by the company, i.e base provided is not square and level, WE WILL NOT construct the building but will leave it on a self constuct basis at your property. Alternatively, a new delivery date can be agreed to construct at a charge of 25% of the order price.
  6. The title to the building remains the property of the company untill all payments are made.


  2. The company reserves the right to extend the completion date where it deems necessary and whilst the company endeavors to meet all quoted delivery dates and times, they are subject to change without notice.
  3. Delivery will not take place until the final building design and any 3rd PARTY groundworks, electrcial, plumbing, plastering or other services required have been confirmed by the customer.

This must take place at least 4 weeks before the prospective delivery date to enable the company to schedule the manufacture of the building. If confirmation has not been received in this timescale then we reserve the right to revise your delivery date.

  1. Delivery will not take place until all components of the building are available as specified in 1a,1b & 1c
  2. Should any sub-contractor be involved in any way with the installation (i.e base, electrics, plastering, garage doors, doors & windows and plumbing etc.) We will try our best to accommodate any delays, however these will need to fit in with our existing schedules.
  3. Weather conditions do sometimes have a knock-on effect to our very tight delivery schedules so may cause an unplanned delay to the construction of your building.
  4. Where the building is to have a proper tiled roof ffitted, the company will fit the doors and windows after the roof has been completed and the building has settled. In normal circumstances this should be no more than two weeks.
  5. The company will install customer supplied UPVC double glazed doors and windows for the fee that will have been stated in you quote.
  6. The Company WILL NOT install customer supplied doors and windows made of other materials such as wood or aluminium. The customer will need to arrange fitting of any such item independently.


Quality Assurance

  2. All buildings are guaranteed against rot of timber for ten years, providing the building has been treated as reccommended.
  3. The company provides a two-year call-out cover againsts faulty parts and workmanship
  4. Phoenix accepts no responsibilty for damage caused by adverse weather conditions.