You don’t want to move, but do you need more space?

24< February



Do any of these Farnham people sound like you?


Every week clients tell us that they love the area and don’t want to move, for a number of reasons, but they do need more space. Here are some of the reasons –



Working from home


‘I was working from our master bedroom. It was certainly big enough but, for 5 days a week, working and sleeping in that room, I was often spending 22 hours a day in there and I was going stir crazy. ‘Go for long walks,’ I was told. Not the answer!’ But my new office in the garden is perfect. I can concentrate and still switch off as soon as I leave it.’



Teens Garden Room


‘Teens need to flex their muscles but mine needed somewhere to call their own other than their bedroom. The new Pheonix garden room is now their den. We only really see them at meal times now. When they leave home, they will be missed, of course, but then it becomes our Garden Room!’





‘My mother is 84 and not getting around easily these days. It was a four-hour round trip to see her and, as we both work, it was difficult to see her often. She was actually delighted to move in to her new annexe in our garden, ten yards from our back door. It’s manageable, fully insulated and warm and she has all the independence she wants. In the summer, she’ll really enjoy her patio. Our children love spending “nanny time” in her annexe and it’s nice having her nearby, too.’



If you’re thinking along the same lines, let’s work through some ideas.

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You name it, we’ll make it!  



ps have a measure up and see how much space you’ve got to play with, then either call us or amble over to Wrecclesham.