What is a Half Hip?

18< May


What is a Half Hip Roof Design?

A half-hip roof, also known as a clipped gable roof, is a type of roof design where the gable ends of a traditional gable roof are partially cut off or clipped to create a more streamlined appearance. In a half-hip roof, the ridge line at the top of the roof is shorter than a traditional gable roof and slopes downward towards the clipped ends.

The clipped ends can be triangular or trapezoidal in shape, and the roof typically has two or more sloping sides. This creates a hybrid roof style that combines elements of a traditional gable roof and a hip roof.

The benefits of a half-hip roof include improved stability and wind resistance compared to a traditional gable roof. The clipped ends of the roof help to reduce the surface area that is exposed to wind and pressure, making it less susceptible to damage in high winds.

Half-hip roofs are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings, and their streamlined design can also provide a more modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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