What is 35mm Tanalised Rustic Cladding ?

12< October


Whats is 35mm Tanalised Rustic Cladding?

35mm tanalised featheredge is a type of exterior cladding made from overlapping boards that taper from a thicker edge to a thinner one. The “35mm” in the name refers to the thickness of the boards used in the cladding, and the “featheredge” describes the shape of the boards.

Tanalised featheredge cladding is typically used in the construction of outdoor buildings such as sheds, garages, and garden offices, due to its durability and weather-resistant properties. The tanalisation process involves impregnating the wood with a preservative under pressure, ensuring that it penetrates deep into the wood fibers for long-lasting protection.

The featheredge design of the boards creates a weather-resistant and attractive finish that is particularly effective at shedding water, helping to prevent water penetration and weather damage. The thicker end of each board overlaps the thinner end of the board below it, creating a tight, secure fit that helps to further prevent water penetration.

Overall, 35mm tanalised featheredge cladding is a popular and practical choice for outdoor buildings due to its weather-resistant properties, attractive appearance, and durability. The tanalisation treatment helps to ensure that the cladding will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

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