UK Timber Shortages – Rising Timber Prices

3< August


A shortage of timber and other building materials is having far-reaching consequences for homeowners and the construction sector.

The UK is facing a shortage of building materials, including timber. This is the result of many factors but soaring demand as we bounce back from the pandemic seems to be the main driver.

What’s causing the timber shortage?

Here in the UK, and across much of the world, there is a shortage of building materials. This is mainly the result of the pandemic. Covid has disrupted supply chains, causing delays and shortages. The pandemic has affected the whole timber industry, from forestry right through to shipping and treatment. The Timber Trade Federation has been reporting on this throughout the crisis.

At the same time, demand has soared, both from commercial developers and home owners. The construction sector is bouncing back from the pandemic while lockdowns have inspired record numbers of people to consider home improvement projects. A recent Houzz survey of more than 3,700 UK homeowners, reported in Professional Builder, highlights the trend. Three in five respondents said they were inspired to start a home renovation or design project during the pandemic.

There are other factors too. A warmer than average winter affected timber production in Scandinavia. Some firms also say that Brexit is impacting on both supply and demand. This combination of issues has resulted in materials shortages and rising prices, affecting large construction firms, small builders and homeowners.

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