Top 3 Builds of 2020

2< July


2020 was an unexpected difficult year for us all. We had to be put on hold for most of the year, meaning we did not have as many of our builds completed as we had anticipated in the January. However, our team are back and better than ever, and we are here to show off our top 3 builds of 2020.

Since the start of pandemic and ‘working from home’ was introduced, we have seen a boom in garden offices built.  Working from home is expected to be the new norm once all the restrictions have been eased, this makes it the perfect time to invest in a garden building. Businesses have seen more perks in having employers work from home than do full time at the office. Recent surveys have concluded that employees feel that they work better from home, feel more productive and motivated. So why not invest in one of our bespoke made to measure garden offices?!

Chertsey- Garden Pod

Starting off with our best build, Chertsey Garden Pod. This customer wanted a garden room to fit in the corner of a compact garden, also with no need for planning permission a garden pod was perfect for this customer that did not want to have to go through planning permission. The ground was unleveled and we built steps to create access over the sloping ground. This pod is being used for a garden office.

Included in this pod is EPDM rubber roof. This roof will provide weather protection for at least 20 years on all buildings. It is gutter ready with a flat fascia and a drip rail.

This garden pod has walls 7’2” high with 3” x 2” framing and a breathable membrane. Openings have been added for the desired windows and doors for the customer to let in as much light in as apossible to make the space feel more open.

The insulated 18mm OSB floor is sealed with a damp proof membrane and the outside of the building is treated with Phoenix Oak finish which is guaranteed for one year. All the outside joins on this pod have cover strips to add even more protection.

Chilworth- Garden Studio

Our next best build is Chilworth, which is being used as an art studio/office.

This customer wanted a colourful garden studio 11′ x 8′ in 16mm Shiplap that would match their vibrant garden and this colour from our Phoenix 5 year wood treatment was just perfect for that!

Cedar Shingles have been used on the roof of this builing which is an add on extra fom the shell building price. This was used to make the the office look more like an outside house.

This room has a lot of natural light let into it, with these gorgeous Georgian windows across the front and full-length windows across the side panels. On the left side of the building, a hangover over one of the windows has been made with an overhang along the front shadowing part of the patio. This building required planning permission to be completed which we have plenty of knowledge on and guided the customer through every step

Lingfield- Garden Pod

Last but definitely not least, our most demanded build and our personal favourite due to all the benefits it comes with, Lingfield Garden Pod.

This beautiful design, with floor to ceiling windows across the front and along the side, makes a wonderful addition to any garden. This colour is one of our gorgeous Phoenix 5 year wood colour treatment. This Pod has been designed for at home beautician, which required a lot of natural light, and that is what they got!

This beautiful building is an 18’x14’ in 16mm tongue and groove shiplap. With an EPDM rubber roof and a 2’ overhand on the front of the building. The customer chose to have 5 2’ fixed pane windows and 5’ fully glazed double doors in grey which are optional, but they wished for this pod to look as contemporary as possible so this was what they decided. And it does look amazing! This pod is fully insulated with 75mm loft roll and 12mm plasterboard, meaning that this building will be perfect for use throughout the year.