A new lease of life for the Granny Annexe

21< October


We’re all very familiar with the term Granny Annexe or Granny Flat, used to describe a back garden self-contained home extension/out building. It serves as an ideal small ‘home’ on the plot of the main house and people often move their parents into them for convenience and a cheaper way of living.

In recent years, it is becoming harder for teens and young adults to flee the nest with growing house prices and less affordable accommodation available in general. In the past it was common for teens to leave their homes at 18, now we are seeing people stay at home until their late 20’s which of course is an inconvenience for both the young adults and parents.

Due to these changes, we have had an influx of people asking for a granny annexe type garden building to accommodate their children, meaning they can have the freedom of their own space at an affordable price, often just paying rent to their parents. It is also a good way to prepare them for mortgage payments when they do eventually leave and move to a bigger property.

A major benefit of our garden buildings is the ability to customise it exactly how you want, size, features and shape, meaning they are able to fit in any size garden space and can be made to suit the young adult’s style (making it feel much more homely!).

Another benefit of a garden building for a first-home is the added security, it can act as a big deterrent to thieves when they find that someone is also living in a building in the garden, extra eyes!

If this is something you are considering, either as a parent or a young adult then please get in touch for a free consultation. We are also looking for a catchy name for our new ‘Granny Annexe’ if you have any ideas then please let us know on our Facebook or by email!