Garden room ideas – designs and expert advice to create an idyllic garden building

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Make the most an space with these brilliant, multifunctional garden room ideas

Whether your family needs more space for play, hobbies, work or study – or you simply want a summer sitting room, a garden room is an ideal solution.

Garden room ideas can come as simple as you want, barely more than wood and a bit of paint, or something more luxurious with windows and a power supply.

From traditional extensions to quirky covered terraces, a garden room is an attractive and practical area that allows you to explore the boundary between interior and exterior.

Garden room design ideas

Much like any other room in your house, a garden room is the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscles. If you’re green fingered, why not look at creating your own gardening hideaway? Simply team traditional, practical furniture and with your array of pots and plants for a slice of rustic charm.

Or maybe you’re looking to really run with the interior theme in your garden room, in which case interesting fabrics, comfy seating and lots of colour will help achieve that vibe.

We’ve put together a list of design ideas, to fire up your imagination and help you to realise the potential of that empty space at the bottom of your existing garden idea.

Why should sitting out in the garden be reserved just for the sunny days? With one of these structures you can enjoy your backyard blooms everyday of the year.

Set up an office away from the house

Garden rooms have never been so popular, we homeowners look for the most affordable way to extend their homes – seeking extra space, without blowing the budget. Giving up a portion of the patio to ouse a home office is the biggest trend in recent years, as home workers look for a way to work outside of the home.

Our expert tips on creating a workspace in your garden offer a better working from home set up.

 Create a glamorous she shed

Keep the exterior of your garden room simple and chic with a coat of dark paint. However, the interior can be as colourful and glamorous as you wish. A thoughtful She shed idea can create an idyllic garden retreat, perfect for use as an art studio or outdoor snug.

This room has been turned into a luxurious craft and sewing room, brimming with inspiration for future projects.

Don’t be afraid to go big in a small garden

A large garden room can open up the uses of a small garden rather than dwarfing it. If you’re not a keen gardener, turning the bottom of the garden into an extra living room idea, complete with desk for working from home is the perfect way to get the most out of the space that can be used all year round.

Double up on the space with a living room and storage shed

This double summer house idea combines a smart open fronted room, with ample space for dining furniture or lounge seating. With a separate studio room on the other side with double lockable doors that you can use as a storage shed or a home office.

Add an extra guest room to your house with a garden annexe

Go the whole hog and invest in an outdoor ‘granny flat’ for a space that doubles as a guesthouse for visiting friends and family, as well as a cool summer hangout, home office or den. With sizes ranging from 5x3m to 14m x 3.5m, the Annex provides an end-to-end service, starting with applying for planning permission on your behalf (if required).

Then building and installing your studio complete with kitchen, electrics, plumbing, insulation, glazing… the lot.

Garden rooms – everything you need to know

How much do garden rooms cost?

Garden room costs can vary hugely in price depending on whether you are happy to put in a little elbow grease to build and paint the room yourself, or looking for something more intricate. At the bottom end of the spectrum a build your own summer house can cost just under £700.

At the top end for a custom garden room, complete with all the comforts of a house, including power sockets and light fittings, can cost you between £22,00 and £58,745.

Do you need foundations for a garden room?

Without a strong and solid foundation, you risk damaging your garden building beyond repair once installed. If the company you’re buying from doesn’t include foundations in the price, you’ll need to hire a builder to do the job for you.

A flat and level surface of paving slabs or concrete, no less than 10am thick is ideal and remember to leave around 50cm clearance if you’re building near walls, fencing or trees.

How to maintain a garden room?

Aim to give the exterior of your garden room a wipe down with warm soapy water once a year to wash off any dirt. Painted garden rooms will need a fresh coat of paint every few years to keep the wood in tiptop shape.

Cedar clad structures require little to no maintenance the wood is naturally resistant to rot and fungal growth, however the wood will change colour from the rich red to a silver grey over time. Keep the area around the base of your garden building clear of long grass and leaves, too.

Can you add connecting services to a garden room?

Adding electricity and plumbing to a garden room is an expensive outlay and in some cases, can require that you secure planning permission beforehand. If installing electrical sockets and switches, your building must be watertight and ideally insulated for safety.

Adding sinks, showers or washing machines require a plumber to install a fresh water pipe running from your house to the garden building and a separate waste pipe running out again.

Do you need planning permission for a garden room?

Permitted Developments allow you to add a single storey garden building to your property, provided it is under 2.5m in height (if within 2m from the property boundary), doesn’t exceed 50 per cent of the total land area around the house. Most importantly it must not be self-contained living accommodation.

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