Granny Annexe in Mortimer, BerkshireGranny Annexe in Mortimer, Berkshire

66′ x 12′ Granny Annexe in 25mm Shiplap with a  48′ x 4′ Veranda 

Shell Building£35640.00
Roofing Tiles£16632.00
Guttering Pack£1320.00
Superior Exterior Finish£5544.00
Insulation & Lining£8712.00
Doors & Windows£6100.00
Internal Walls£2400.00

Mr Ford had an original colt bungalow which was built in the 1930’s. He asked us if we could design and build a duplicate of the original building. We arranged all the planning and building regulations for the building. It has a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom all in it to make it feel like his original home.