Extension vs Exterior

26< October


While the average family grows larger and new homes become smaller yet more expensive, it’s no surprise homeowners are running out of space. Why not make the most of the space you already have? Traditional methods of doing this come in the form of extensions or conservatories, but there are other ways – Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular and by comparing them, you can see why.


Although it can vary from council to council, all authorities have policies on extensions. On the other hand outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to some terms and conditions.


Garden exteriors have the benefit of giving homeowners escape from the sometimes-hectic atmosphere of their home, letting them relax in their own secluded space.


One of the main disadvantages of having any building work done on your house is the possible disruption it will cause to your daily life. There will most probably be times when one or more existing rooms in your house is out of bound while the work is being done. Not only this, but you will face an on-going battle against the dust and noise created due to the renovations – this could also cause tension between neighbours.  By erecting an exterior building in your garden, you’re keeping the noise, debris and other logistics away from the harmony of your home, so you can get on with your day-to-day living.


Be aware that extending your home could have an impact on existing rooms to your property. Windows and doors may need to be moved in order to cater for the new build  – this could also boost the price.  With an exterior building on your land or garden, there are no concerns about damaging your home. Here ate Phoenix, all our exterior builds come with a ten-year guarantee against timber rot.


It’s sometimes difficult to stick to a budget when planning an extension to your home – this is due to discovering additional works, changes in the building process (for unseen items like drains and foundations) or a cost variation from the original quote by your builder – often for things like materials. In some drastic cases, people have had to save more money while the work stops. On the other hand when shopping for an exterior building, the prices are fixed and will not change. They are noticeably cheaper than extending your home and with the average cost price of a square metre of property being £2,216, it can also add to the value of your existing home considerably depending on the size.  In addition to this, here at Phoenix we offer a free site visit/ consultation and we guarantee all our buildings and provide two years’ call-out cover against faulty parts and workmanship to help you cut down costs.