7 Benefits of Choosing a Garden Building to Work from Home In

6< September

  • 7 Benefits of Choosing a Garden Building to Work from Home In (Fit)

Working from home has been on the rise over the last decade, with many people opting to start their own businesses from the comfort of their homes and companies deciding to put more faith in their employees by allowing them to work flexibly. (Fit)

With this way of working set to be the new normal, people are now seeking a more permanent home working solution. We think that one of our garden buildings could be the ideal work from home office space, and we are here to show you 7 benefits of choosing a garden building to work from home in. (Fit)

1) You can fit your work around you

Working from home does have its challenges, with people having difficulty finding the line where work stops, and home life begins. A garden office will allow you to switch off from the working day as it is a space outside of the home that you can lock up and walk away from. This will give you the separation needed to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

With modern life ever-changing, the traditional 9-5 is no longer the norm. By having an outdoor office installed at the bottom of your garden, you will be able to choose the perfect working routine for you. Working from home gives you the luxury of being able to fit your working day around everyday life, allowing you to meet family obligations while also achieving the work goals you need to. You can schedule your working day around the school run if you have children by starting earlier and finishing later, or if you have been struggling to fit a workout into your daily routine, you can take a longer lunch break to allow you extra time to exercise.

2) Saves space in your home

With home working in 2020 first thought of being a temporary situation, dining rooms and bedrooms across the country were transformed into office spaces. While fine for a short-term solution, many have found working in this way has overtaken the space inside their homes. By moving into the garden, you get to claim that space back. A garden office will allow you to keep everything related to work out of the way in a dedicated space, so you and your family can go back to using the rooms in your home as they were intended. (Fit)

3) Boosts concentration

According to data obtained by the BBC, workers are 13% more productive at home, so as well as giving you a separate space to work, your garden office room will also help boost your concentration. Part of that is because you will be away from distractions. No longer will colleagues disrupt you by stopping at your desk to have a chat when you are in the middle of a task, and while at home in a separate office outside, there won’t be so many interruptions from family or pets. (Fit)

4) Creates a separate workspace that is tailored to your needs

As garden buildings are made to order, your new workspace will be a bespoke garden office that is designed exactly to your tastes. Compared to the company’s office or a rented office space that is to the requirements of your employer or landlord, you can choose what you need to make your new office space work for you, from the layout and design features to the decoration and furniture. These are all things that will help to make you feel more at ease with your new work situation by being in comfortable, personalised surroundings.

Want to use your space year-round? You will want to consider having an insulated garden office with double glazing, electrics, and heating. If the overall look of the building is important to you, you can choose between paint ranges, roof coverings, window styles, and cladding options to make sure you are working from home in style.

5) Looks professional

Even when working from home there are some professions that will require visits from clients or customers. An outdoor office in the garden will allow you to have somewhere to host them rather than inviting them into your home and imposing on others in your household. A dedicated workspace will also look more professional in video calls, rather than worrying about whether your living room or spare bedroom backdrop looks tidy and presentable.

6) Gives you time back

When you think about life before remote working was the new normal, a fraction of your working day incorporated time for the commute, taking away time from other aspects of your life. One of the big benefits of outdoor offices is that the only commute you will need to worry about is the time it takes you to walk from your home to the garden where your office is located.

The days of sitting in traffic or having to suffer through train delays will be a thing of the past with a garden office. The only thing you will need to do is decide how you spend those hours you have claimed back in your day. Perhaps you will use them to pick up those household jobs you do not normally get time for, spending precious time with the family, fitting in a workout, or maybe you just fancy an extra hour in bed in the mornings.

7) Saves you money over time

We know that garden offices can be an expensive upfront cost, but did you know they could save you money in the long term? Not only will you be cutting costs by not commuting in or renting office space, you will also be saving money by not having the temptation of expensive meal deals and takeaway coffees as you can just use what you have at home instead.

As well as allowing you to work from home effectively, a garden building can also be used for a variety of other different purposes, including a craft room, a relaxing lounge, and a workout area, making it an investment for your home. To add more value to your new garden office, you could choose a building that is large enough for you to use for multiple uses at the same time. For example, you could have an internal partition to create two separate sections inside your garden building, with one area used as your office and the other as an extended living area. You could also choose a design that incorporates a storage section using an external partition.