My teens have taken over my house.

24< February


We couldn’t live in our own living room anymore!

Godalming client:

“I love my teenage children having their friends around. They are polite and I’ve known some them since they were three. Their bedrooms are ‘too small for all their mates’, they say, but their collective lolloping on our sofas in a kind of entangled Rubik’s Cube had to stop; we couldn’t live in our own living room anymore!

They felt awkward when we walked in when their friends were there and we felt awkward asking them to shove over and to give us the remote. Would they ever want to watch a drama on the Beeb with us?

Right, something had to be done. We neither wanted to move nor build an extension – the kids will be gone in 5-10 years anyway (you live in hope).

Ahh, a Garden Room. Purpose-made, attractive, robust, clad in tough materials and packed with sound proofing for cosy entrapment of teens. ( Is Black Veil Brides really music?) Telly, X-box (a must, of course) et voila!

Peace descends .. and we have our living room back. And the garden room has a discrete lawnmower/tool shed/ bolted on.

The feedback from the teens, “Mental…(?) … and we don’t need your lounge anymore.”

We still see them occasionally, as they lumber out of the bathroom*, or briefly, for meals.

A Garden Room for them now…. and for us, with a summer patio later. But we’re keeping that quiet.

Life-changer? Hoh yes!”

* a garden based kids-only bathroom for the 30 minute showers? Now there’s an idea.

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