Case Studies of Clients' Projects

  • Garden Office in Datchet, Berkshire

    Garden Office built in Datchet, Berkshire Read More
  • Garden Room in Sonning, Berkshire

    Garden Room built in Sonning, Berkshire Read More
  • Garden Office in The Oaks, Surrey

    Office The Oaks Read More
  • Garden Office in Lower Bourne, Surrey

    Lower Bourne Read More
  • Garden Playroom in Seale, Surrey

    30ft x 18ft Phoenix Garden Office with 16ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove in Seale

    Julie has two young children that have so much energy that they are always on the go. Having a small house, there wasn’t enough room to keep the children occupied, so Julie and her partner came to visit Phoenix’s showsite. We designed a building that was able to be used as a storage area for the garden furniture plus a playroom for the children to play in all year round, rain or shine. We added a decked area outside which was also to be used as a storage area.

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    • Price: £ 16,200.00

      30ft x 18ft Office with 16ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove

    • £ 0.00

  • Phoenix Sales Office in Wrecclesham

    39ft x 16ft Phoenix Garden Office with 39ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove in Wrecclesham.

    This building is our current Sales Office which is on the show site in Farnham. The Disney/Florida theme continues from the Florida office into this office with paintings on the right hand wall when you walk through the door and then into the back office on the walls and ceiling. It is a large spacious office and it currently holds four members of staff.

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    • Price: £ 18,720.00

      39ft x 16ft Office with 39ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove.

    • £ 0.00

  • Bowls Club Pavillion in Rowledge, Surrey

    50ft x 20ft Phoenix Sports Pavilion with 2ft Roof Overhang built in Rowledge.

    This is a local bowls club in Rowledge, Surrey. Before this building, they had a battered building which didn’t have any changing facilities, kitchen facilities or tea facilities. They paid Phoenix a visit and we were able to show them what they could have. We changed it around for them, and now they have changing facilities, kitchen facilities, tea room facilities and toilet facilities all in a spacious building. It has a lovely long paved area outside the club with some benches to enjoy watching the sport they like to play.

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    • Price: £ 30,000.00

      50ft x 20ft Office with 2ft Roof Overhang.

    • £ 0.00

  • Garden Office of Florida

    16ft x 10ft Phoenix Garden Office.

    This office was named Florida, because the nutty owner of the company has a passion for Florida and Disney as you would see if you paid a visit to the show site in Farnham. John is now going to be moving over to this office and continue the theme with pictures of Disney etc inside.

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    • Price: £ 4,080.00

      16ft x 10ft Office.

    • £ 0.00

  • Garden Office in Dippenhall, Surrey

    20ft x 12ft Phoenix Garden Office with 6ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove built in Dippenhall.

    Mark’s business was growing so fast in 1996/1997, that he had to expand his office space from the spare bedroom. After visiting our show site we came up with a size and design for a garden office that fitted with his ideas. His business has grown from strength to strength with this purchase and with no interruption from anybody while working.

    Mark’s building was a 20ft x 12ft office with 8 cottage windows and with a 6ft x 4ft entrance alcove.

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    • Price: £ 8,400.00

      20ft x 12ft Office with 6ft x 4ft Entrance Alcove

    • £ 0.00

Garden Rooms and Offices

Garden delight. Built to superb quality at attractive prices, our versatile garden rooms, offices and studios are a great way to add space and value to your property. Work from home, improve your work/life balance and cut your commute… or simply give teenagers somewhere else to play their drums.

Click here to see garden offices in Hampshire and here for other areas.

All fully customisable

Every garden room we build is different, but they are based on shell templates. You choose the shell building and the size you need, then add all the features you want. We can put in:

  • A veranda, log store or entrance alcove
  • Windows and doors how and where you want them
  • Exterior/interior design touches as you wish

Love DIY and just want the shell building? That’s fine by us too.

Home garden room / garden office – 5 great advantages

1. Range of 5 year external treatment colours

2. Deal direct with the manufacturer – working with us you cut out the middleman (so more of your money goes into your building), and you get the flexibility to alter virtually any aspect of the design. Just ask!

3. Quality timber – we use quality redwood timber. It has minimal imperfections compared to white wood. All our wood comes from well-managed, sustainable forests.

4. High specification & strength – we use the highest specifications. Uprights are set close together for added strength. Each garden room boasts an extremely sturdy roof thanks to our unique roof design.

5. Special features, such as higher eaves (our 7′ 2″ internal height means extra headroom and a bigger feel), heavy-duty felt providing weather protection in excess of five years, and gutter-ready roof design.

 We can make our Garden Rooms at any shape and size. Click the brochure button on the right for a link to the size price list.

Garden Rooms Build specification – Quality throughout

Garden Office (up to 14ft wide)
Eaves height :
2185mm  (7’, 2”)
Ridge height :
Variable (Dependant upon building width)
Floor joist spacing :
450mm  (1’, 6”)
Wall joist spacing :
600mm  (2’, 0”)
Roof joist spacing :
600mm  (2’, 0”)
Floor joists :
38x75mm  (3” x 1½”)
Floor boards :
18mm OSB board (¾”)
Wall joists :
50 x 75mm  (3” x 2”)
Exterior wall cladding :
16 x 125mm Shiplap  (½” x 5”)
Timber truss :
50 x 100mm  (4” x 2”)
Roof joists :
38 x 75mm (3” x 1½”)
Fascia board :
25 x 150mm  (6” x 1”)
Floor insulation :
50mm Thick Polystyrene (2″)
Wall membrane :
Ruberoid SB Breather Membrane
Roof finish :
38kg Green Mineral Felt
Treatment :
Crysolite Premium 4:1 in Phoenix Oak