A Guide to our Quotation System

Our aim at Phoenix Timber Buildings is to provide the type of garden building that is designed by you to suit your needs. Accordingly, we do not have stock items but work up from a footprint of your choosing. This will give you what we call a ‘Shell Building’, the simplest version of the building that you require. We then offer you a series of upgrades to enhance the look of your building and to make the most of the budget that you have. The final price quoted will include delivery, erection and VAT.

Helpful tips to get you through our Quotation System:

1. Pick the type of building that you are interested in.
2. Choose the length and width of the building.
3. Choose the type of cladding for your building.

This combination will give you the cost of what we term a ‘Shell Building’. In the side box you will see the price for that building together with details of what is included in that price.

There then follows a series of optional upgrades that we offer our customers. These upgrades not only help in the general maintenance of your building, but help to enhance its appearance and usability.


Differing roofing types that enhance the overall look of your building and provide longer lifespans ranging from 15 to over 50 years.

Roof Style:

  • A way to change the look for your roof from the standard Apex style. Please note that not all of these options are suitable for those of you that would prefer a flatter roof.
  • Guttering: All of our fascias are built to take guttering. This will help to keep rain from running down the walls of the building. The guttering can be directed into a water butt for later use on your garden.
  • 5-year Wood All of our building are delivered with a 1